Providing Trusted Counsel in Family Law Matters

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Litigation Services

We provide litigation services in all aspects of family law, including property division, child and spousal support, and custody. We frequently work with financial, estate planning and tax experts on behalf of our clients. Our attorneys are highly-respected litigators with over 65 years of combined legal experience. Learn More »

Consulting Counsel

We are often retained to serve as consulting counsel to an individual in mediation with a mediator outside our office. In those cases, we provide feedback and review the Marital Settlement Agreement. We are also consulted by individuals who are just beginning the divorce or separation process and want information on what the law provides on property division, support or custody. Learn More »


In mediation, parties select a third party to act as a neutral to assist them in reaching a settlement on all aspects of their case. A mediator provides legal information and facilitates resolution. As mediators, we work with you to exchange information necessary to reach settlement, as well as prepare legal forms and settlement agreements. Learn More »

Collaborative Law

In collaborative law, each party retains an attorney who has been trained in the process. At the outset, there is an agreement that the parties will not go to Court, and the attorneys and parties will work together to reach the best settlement for the family as a whole. Learn More »

Marital Agreements

Pre-marital agreements, sometimes referred to as “pre-nups”, are agreements entered into by parties before a marriage that typically set forth the parties’ wishes in regard to the division of assets and spousal support to be paid in the event of separation or divorce. Learn More »

Private Judging

For purposes of privacy and or efficiency, parties often choose to hire a private judge to preside over their case. In such cases, Madeleine Simborg can be retained by consenting parties to act as a private judge. Learn More »